Exclusive. Non-Exclusive. Ownership.
Essential information.

If you want to use my patterns, you can get a license and use them according to your needs. The terms of licensing are always precisely defined in “License Agreement” confirmed by both sides.


How does the license work?

The particular license has a fixed price for which you have the right to use the pattern for 2 years with unlimited edition. Different types of licenses allow you to adjust the purchase to your own needs and capabilities.

Non-Exclusive license

The Non-Exclusiveness means that the pattern can be used by anyone who purchases a license.

Contractual duration of the license:
2 years (in individual cases licensing time is to be determined)

Pattern as a proprietary file:
TIF, JPG, PNG (print ready)

Exclusive license

Total exclusivity for the pattern usage. The project will be not available to other clients during the license period.

Contractual duration of the license:
2 years (in individual cases licensing time is to be determined)

Pattern as a proprietary file:
TIF, JPG, PNG (print ready)

Pattern purchase

You become the owner of the pattern which you can modify or pull out single elements and the duration of the license is not the issue.

Contractual duration of the license:
No limits

Pattern as an open file:


I can help you in case of any questions or doubts.

Write an email or use the contact form.

What is the proces of ordering a project?

By ordering a project you will hire me to design a custom pattern.

This process puts a real challenge  ahead of me because I want and try to meet your expectations. After preliminary discussion I develop the best pattern for your product. I offer help and years of experience in case of any doubts or difficult decisions.

You can hire me to design any pattern. So far I have created designs for clothing fabrics and home textiles and also supported their promotion.

What are the advantages of the license?

The offer includes so-called “Ready-made patterns” which means you can use them as soon as you agree on the terms of use and payment.

When choosing a pattern you can also select the cheaper option of a non-exclusive license.

You can also reserve the right to use a pattern. By purchasing an exclusive license you are guaranteed that the particular design will be not available to your competition for the period specified in the license agreement.

It is possible to purchase a license for a collection. Collection is stylistically consistent and enriches the assortment of your designs of bedding, pillows, mascots etc.

If you want to become the owner of the open file pattern and want to modify it, extract single elements and not worry about the duration of the license, select the option “Pattern purchase”.

What are the advantages of own custom design?

You have a unique pattern that distinguishes your product.

A carefully designed pattern suits the product perfectly and significantly improves its features.

The choice of non-standard designs creates the opportunity to build an original collection with its own unique marketing setting and I will be happy to help you to achieve this.

Together we can create a pattern completely consistent with your brand, style and preferred colors.

Want me to design a pattern for your product? Contact me, give details and let’s create something wonderful.

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