Stockroom of designs and graphics.
All ready to use.

Feel invited and make yourself comfortable. Everyone is welcome.
Including independent entrepreneurs who want to launch their new product on the market; brands with large seasonal collections; as well as creative handymen looking for a design, collection or illustration to complement their idea. The presented pattern usages are only a way to inspire. The decision is made by the licensee.

For slightly older ones

Current color palettes, a variety of subjects

Here are both universal designs and innovative, bolder proposals. Colors chase trends, but solid neutral colors are a solution for those who are not in a hurry. The use of patterns gives you wide freedom.

For slightly older ones

Wallpapers, wall decorations

Patterns for interiors. Color palette in line with trends, interesting solutions, various themes. Application of projects – of course according to your own ideas.

For younger customers

Well-chosen colors, interesting stories

The catalog contains designs for individual designs as well as large and small collections. The collections include panels for bedding, knit patterns, cuddly designs and others.

Digital print

Unlimited number of colors

Patterns are unrestricted by subject matter and the number of colors and shades. The technological powers of printing machines trigger the imagination. You will find vector projects here as well as rasterized compilations full of colors.

Screen printing and rotary printing

Limited number of colors

That kind of graphic designs are not necessarily modest. Limitations generate new values. Detailed, complex, minimal and cheaper – these are the features of designs with a maximum of 3-4 colors.

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