About Me

Designer of simple and complex patterns.
A patient observer and a real fan of nature.

I’ve been a graphic designer for over a dozen years. I gained my experience mainly in the clothing and textile industry. My sympathy for regular arrangements of shapes and colors has been going on for over 7 years.

In my home studio in Krakow I create patterns for textiles, graphics for packaging, fabrics and accessories. I transform interesting shapes from living and still nature into decorative graphics that decorate and ennoble ordinary items.

I’ve always been into minimalist designs and simple forms that attract the eye by manifesting the principle: “less is more”.

A single element of a pattern can become an illustration or theme of a poster. It can be the subject of the entire collection of items.

In PORTFOLIO you will find examples of my work. After logging into CATALOGS area you will receive a current collection of original designs ready for licensing.
Feel invited. Get to know me through my graphics.


Pride of unique products.
Satisfaction with the revival of every idea.

Cooperation with creative entrepreneurs often brings amazing results.
A few examples of those effects.

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